vim colorscheme for Go (golang) : goFunctionCall and goMethodCall

In Go, functions are first-citizens and are a type as another. Semantically, this is right but does this have to apply to a theme ? I don't think so.

When i jump from a call to a function or method definition with CTRL-] (CTRL-$ for frenchies), i hate seeing the color changing from a *Type's color to a Function's color, imho, this lacks consistency.

I understand the choices made by the Go's authors but this blows my mind for a theme. As a non-purist because I'm too old for this shit, I think a goFunctionCall and a goMethodCall should be in the group Function and not in the group *Type for a colorscheme.

So, if you are like me, you can add those two lines to your .vimrc (obviously, after loading the wonderful vim-go plugin):

hi def link     goMethodCall        Function
hi def link     goFunctionCall      Function

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